« History will judge us. »

It is with these words that the Swedish Minister for the environment, Andreas Calgren, concluded this staged trial of humankind which was held in Stockholm on May 17, 2011 on the sidelines of the Nobel Prize’s third symposium for sustainable development. Twenty renowned scientists have been presented with this prestigious award.

The aim of this staged trial is to determine to what extent current generations have lost their relationship with the planet and how this relationship can be “restored” over the coming years. The aim is to rectify both the excesses of the past decades and lack of conscientiousness regarding these issues, encountered on an international level since the first world conference on climate change- held in Geneva in 1979.

However, this trial remains purely symbolic for these various specialists who have no legal standing, and in today’s comments made by Mario Molina-scientific adviser to Barack Obama, many cannot put forward anything but « a rational analysis and a demonstration of common sense ». The jury’s conclusions will aim primarily to develop a memorandum which will be given to a group within the United Nations that was put in place by its Secretary-General, Ban Ki Moon, for the forthcoming UN conference on sustainable development that is to be held in Rio de Janeiro in 2012.

Energy and more precisely the production of energy, remains to be a major stake in our future development according to the latest public report released by the IPCC (governmental group of climate change experts.) This report, released on the 9th May this year in Abu Dhabi portrayed as the most optimistic scenario, the fact that by 2050- 77% of global energy consumption may be gotten from renewable resources provided that appropriate public policies are implemented.

Thanks to Lilian Guyon for this article and his involvement in sustainable development.

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