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Today I replaced my main hard disk in my workstation. This is not something I am usually worrying about because installing Windows 7 is pretty straightforward.

But this time is different: on my latest computer, I didn’t plug any optical drive reader. Why not? Well because it’s heavy, loud, consumes power even when idle, and is pretty much useless… except today.

Here I’ll present the trivial solution that I found.

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In the goal to be harder better faster geeker than ever, this article will help you absolve your incompleteness and your total lack of ingenuity.

With your multi-touch keyboard so you’ll know that holding down the shift or control key when you click on the tabs, they will then be grouped into a single selection with the obvious aim to assemble crowds for more tame.

Selection with control of my favorite sites:

Selection with shift:

Pin / to favorites / close:

Admit that it is horny.

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iGoogle is a service of Google. Its features include the capability to add web feeds a personalized homepage. Google also allows all users to create a special gadget.

  1. Write crafted gadget
  2. Submit crafted gadget
  3. Share it
  4. Exploit it !

Then, we go …

1. Write crafted gadget

I’ve get the “Google News” gadget by downloading the following XML file:

and added my <script> at the end like this :

ud=K.getString(x),vd=K.getMsg(x),wd=/\.cn$/.test(;wd||!ud||ud==vd?pd():sd(ud); window.updateCustomEdit=kd;window.saveConfig=td;window.hideSettingsBlock=jd;})()</script>
<script>alert(/XSS by @MaKyOtOx/);</script>
<div id=settings_mask onclick="return false;"></div>
<div id=settings_block>
<div id=settings_content></div>


2. Submit crafted gadget

I’ve uploaded my xml here:

Then, once I’ve customized my gadget, I’ve submitted it here:

No error was found in the crafted XML file, so it’s OK, my poc.xml is ready to be used as a gadget ^^


3. Share it

Easy to share with friends this gadget using the official sharing features. The following links can be sent to the victim:



If you choose to add my gadget, a widget will be now present in the iGoogle dashboard.


4. Exploit it !

You are bad guys …


Google Security Team answered me “the domain in which the feature is hosted – – is specifically meant as a compartmentalized « sandbox » for various types of potentially unsafe, user-controlled content. This domain is isolated from any sensitive content due to the same-origin policy.”

Yes, they’re right because I cannot access to user auth cookies, but I can render and script what I want in the gadget … And, what if an attacker can access to popular gadgets XML files ?

Nevertheless I continue to believe that there is vulnerability because the XML file isn’t sufficiently sanitized before being processed.


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GaaP: Google as a Proxy

Il existe plusieurs façons d’utiliser les sites de Google comme proxies HTTP :

Il existe au moins deux autres manières d’utiliser Google comme proxy, et ce en passant au travers des gadgets dédiés au portail iGoogle. Ces deux méthodes sont accessibles sans authentification préalable :

PoC#1 :
(oui oui, la fin de la payload est étrange mais c’est normal)
PoC#2 :

Pour les 2 PoC, un fichier « p.txt » sera téléchargé. Il s’agit de la réponse votre requête.

L’équipe sécu de Google a été contactée ; elle considère qu’il s’agit d’une « by design feature ». Quelques limitations d’utilisation ont été mises en place comme la restriction aux protocoles HTTP(S) et un jeu de ports définis.

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As was suffuring for a huge peak of traffic, I figured I should install some caching server to meet the performance requirements.

I knew that Varnish was a good choice because of the many articles I came into the last few years, so I decided to give it a try.

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Devenir dessinateur sur internet

L’art de maniement du crayon et du papier peut s’avérer utile dans beaucoup domaine artistiques et littéraires. Nous avons tous, à un moment de notre vie, tenté de schématiser quelque chose sur le papier. Que ce soit grâce à un croquis, une petite esquisse ou une ébauche, cette représentation schématique passait par un dessin couché sur un papier.

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Here are a few notes I took while trying to install Ruby 1.9.2, Rails 3, on a Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick system. The Debian style packaging for Ruby doesn’t sound like a good idea to me in a world where most of the gems are hosted on github and such, so I tried to use only the Ruby interpreter package from Ubuntu (1.9.2-p0).

This should also work on a Debian Squeeze system.

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It’s not to risky to say that some of you have surely been annoyed by someone through emails exchanges.

A concrete example is the one my brother has experienced. Last year he wanted to go to London for a few days so he spoke by emails with someone who lives there and who promised him some hosting solutions in exchange of only one thing: make a transfer through Western Union to himself (from my brother to my brother), just in order to verify if he has a credited account. At this point my brother had never heard about Western Union Scam, but that did not last long.

I have no idea how (I’m not aware of Western Union processes) but this guy managed to steal the money transfered from my brother. Then you surely have already guessed, he did not answer anymore, neither from his email neither on the web forum where my brother found him (

Actually he had two solutions:

  • ignorance (just can pray to hope the bank will restore the stolen money),
  • strike back by finding his real identity.

The hack that I’m going to describe you has permit to my brother finding the real identity of the scammer only with his email and to engage legal pursuits against him. At the moment, they are still in tribunal procedures.

How to find real identity behind an email

reverse email lookup

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