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You may have heard about a recent security hole in (you know, the #2 website from Alexa ranks). French president Nicolas Sarkozy and Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg pages were recently hijacked.

How it works:  hackers have used a cross site scripting vulnerability (XSS) for stealing cookie.



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Hey SEO dudez,

little SEO news: Google is updating PR on all their DC (Data Center). Most of my own sites PR have changed. Can we tell this precious indicator is back?

« Precious » you said? Many people are saying they don’t care about PR. But difference between a PR1 page and PR5 is HUGE! No one cares but everyone wants one :)

For the moment, have a check on: (old tool but working tool).

Here is a list of working Google DC. Let us know about your PR update in the comments, do your sites have been granted?

The more testimonies we’ll have the better we’ll be able to discuss about.

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Rentabiliweb is now allowed to propose transfer execution, standing orders and paiyement orders through credits cards.
In a close future, it plans to expand its services to bank withdrawals.

Remember that rentabiliweb is one of the biggest platform for website monetization

Rentabiliweb is also launching a drive to extend this accreditation in order to join the SWIFT network and handle debit and bank transfer operations without intermediaries

The firm announced the filing of several applications next passeporting European « free services », which means it may soon expand its services to other European countriesfor its future customers of e-commerce. All european country such as the United Kingdom and Belgium, but also in countries where e-commerce is still in development, such as Spain and Italy.

In that way, we should expect many changes in their upcoming e-commerce offers !
Let’s wait …

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