First article for a « bad » news.

This 3rd november 2010, Google Analytics decided to take some holidays. Mostly all my statistics are not working, my visits counter are downright null this morning.

Thought I had a problem on my servers but it wasn’t and there are still no news from Google Analytics Blog at the moment, 12:30 pm.

Problems comes directly from GA. Even if it’s only statitics stuff, we should keep in mind that being dependent from only one statitics provider can have really bad impacts on your business.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of web analytics tools:

There are also some tools you can install on your server like Piwik, FireStats or Woopra.

We strongly advice to have at least 2 differents analytics solutions tracking your website at the same time.

UPDATE: GA explains what did happen with this post on its blog.

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